Disegnatore di grande talento specializzato in soggetti femminili. La vostra eroina preferita diventerà ancora più sensuale in un suo disegno.
Dario Hartmann was born in the city of Buenos Aires, capital of the Argentine Republic, on July 27, 1961.
After finishing high school, enters the Higher School of Publicity, but confesses that in this field, he has only found a deep interest in subjects related to drawing.

A shy man, who only speaks very little, he has no doubts whatsoever about showing his pleasure in portraying female "forms", a theme which shows almost exclusively in all his work.
As related to fiction, he has been experimenting for a long time in the portrayal of all types of female heroins , totally invented by him. Even his work for com.models, which includes his own wife.

Apart from his editorial work, his drawings and paintings are to be found in many private collections all over the world.