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I hope with this section to answer your questions. If you need anything else ask to me with the contact form.
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:: How can I buy an artworks from you?

Few artists make commissions works, if you look at the shop section you can find who they are. When you have decided contact me and explain what you want, in few weeks the artist will make your personal draw.

Shi by Cosimo Ferri
:: Where can i find limited comics issues?

You can find them comics shops, if your city don't have any, look at the Shop section, you can find few of them but they finish fast.
:: How can I preserve my original arts?

First it is very important to not exhibit them to direct sun light, to not put them next heath source and to not put weight over them. If you pay attention to this you can frame them, or put in arts album.
:: How can I pay original comic arts and commissions?

You can pay me with paypal or with bank wire transfer. At the moment I receive the payment notification from my bank I will ship to you the artworks or start the commission.
:: May I ask whatever I wants as commission?

Yes you can ask to the artist to draw your hero in whatever action. The author have the right to not do a particular commission if he deem it unappropriate.
:: Can I copy my commissions?

You cannot make any copies of the artworks you buy without the explicit permission of the artist that will examine each case singularly.

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