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I will publish here any news about the Comics World site and about artist works.
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06 November 2009 - New artist for commissions

Few new talented comics artist added to the website. Fiorentino, Qualano and Lupacchino will be available for commissions, from the tonal pencil to the colour painting.

10 February 2009 - Original arts lost

A shipping of three original inked arts made by Caesar on commission are lost in the delivery. If anyone of you have see them let me know.
I will put the last image I has of the work in progress in the Stolen Arts section.

29 September 2008 - New search in the Shop and Firefox

I just added the possibility to search original arts by word, so if you don't find what you look for in the available pre-selection you can input directely the word you need.
I also put a button to add a new search engine on Firefox search box, so you can look for new original arts without visit the website but searching on the Firefox toolbar.

01 July 2008 - New category - Sketches

I just added a new section for the sketches I received in the conventions.
I think it could be usefull to have all them together instead splitted in different way. I hope you like this solution.

11 January 2007 - A new year is coming

The 2006 has been full of surprise and I hope that the future will be even better with new satisfactions. I will make my best to offer an always better service and to find new talent artists in the world of comics. Come back soon and contact me if you need anything.

30 September 2006 - The Denis Medri talent

A new artist has joined our family and we are heppy to see his works, full of colour and details. He works for european publishers and for Marvel, drawing also a story for Chris Claremont; look at his arts and take one for your collection.

13 September 2006 - Shop engine update

In the last days I made few update to the shop page, now there is the New option on the left that will list the last items added; I hope you like it.

21 May 2006 - Torino Comics Convention

After 3 days of convention I can rest for a while, happy to have collected tens of originals directely from the hands of the artists. Liberatore, Serpieri, Barbucci, Frezzato and many others have now new arts in my collection.

15 May 2006 - Contact Email Problems

During the usual fight against spamming I unfotunately insert a little bug that deleted all the email from this website. I'm sorry for this and I ask to all the people who contacted me in the last weeks to try again, tnx.

21 February 2006 - Comics World for pocket pc

I saw few visitors coming to my site from they pocket pc and palms, so here a lite version for them. I hope they will like it and let me know for any bug.

08 Dicember 2005 - Merry Christmas to all

An other year is coming to an end and the holidays are coming fast. But you are still in time to make an original present for Christmas, a unique piece of art that will remember you this days. All the best to you all!!

16 March 2005 - Added new label in the shop

To avoid any misunderstood of the item list, the customer can now see the type of the product reading the black label on each image. So even if you don't read the product info you can check if it is a commission or a cover and so on.

22 January 2005 - The work must go on

Holiday are past and we are coming with a new great year that will amaze you all. New artists are joining this site and I will continue with the english translation of all the pages.
Remember to come back, you will order a new artwork for sure.

20 November 2004 - Erotic comics

Two great talents, Turini and Fabris are now hosted on this pages. Published on european and american comics they will give here the opportunity to make commissions for you. Don't lose it!

28 October 2004 - Vampirella artist will work for you

Yeah, you read right. Caesar is available for making commision work 11x17 inked or color at incredible prices. You cannot lose this opportunity.

11 July 2004 - I'm working for you

During this summer I will finish the english version of Comics World. It is a long work on database and scripting so I hope to finish as soon as possible to let more people to use this site. Stay tuned and forgive my english.

29 June 2004 - Artist info button

I added the possibility to view a short biografy page of the artist with a list of his works with a button next the name. You can also have a list of artworks of that author hosted on Comics World.

14 June 2004 - New Gallery section

Today I open the Thematic Gallery page. I collect artworks of different artist but with similar subjects. At the moment there is only the Bad Girls but i will soon open also a science fiction one. I hope you like this idea and that new artists decide to take part in it with new draws.

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