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Look for the artist or the comic you like, if don't find any ask to me with contact form, many items are not listed yet.
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The dream of all the comic fan is to collect the covers of the comics. The color artworks is made by great artist who can fix the spirit of the comic in a single image.
The quality is higher but also its value and its price. It is not so easy to collect covers.

In the Dark

Disegno realizzato ad olio da Cosimo Ferri, su cartone telato 30x40 per il fumetto About Hatty.

Artist: Cosimo Ferri Author Info
Comics: About Hatty

To be the owner of the original art of the comic we like most is the best dream of comics fan.
Many details are lost during print issue for the bigger dimensions of the original, and you can also see in many cases the artist annotations on the border of the draw.
All the authors who want to sell their originals contact me, I will give them the space on the site.

Pericoli in famiglia

Una bella illustrazione a china di Freghieri, con Dylan Dog in fuga con una sua giovane fan.

Artist: Giovanni Freghieri Author Info
Comics: Dylan Dog

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