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Here you will find the original arts stolen to artists with the hope of their return.
Original Comic Arts - Tavole Originali Commissions - Disegni su commissione Shop - Negozio
Stolen Arts - Tavole Rubate
Unfortunately also in the comics world it could happen that the original arts of an artist, the work of weeks, are stolen during conventions in a moment of confusion. Some time the thief understand his mistake and return the arts but many times they are sold in the big comics market.
If any of you had saw the arts of this page, please contact me so the artist can take back his work.

Zoom Image JLA Caesar Wonder Woman, 11"x17" inked
Zoom Image X-Men Caesar White Queen, 11"x17" inked
Zoom Image Vampirella Caesar Vampirella, 11"x17" inked
Zoom Image Skorpio Cosimo Ferri Copertina "The Fairy"
Zoom Image Skorpio Cosimo Ferri Copertina "Elfa"
Zoom Image - Cosimo Ferri "Halloween"
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