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Teodorani is specialized in erotic adventure comics, since few years he has crated his personal artist factory, italian and foreign, who draw his stories.
He has contributed with the Renzo Barbieri publisher, writing in the end of '90s the last story of 'La Poliziotta', the well-known character born by Sandro Angiolini.

For few years his comics of Djustine, a sexy blond gunwoman, his most well-known character, are published as photocopy and sold only by post to his world fan, and few comic critics called Teodorani 'The Italian John Willie', while today Djustine is regularly published in Italy on X-Comics by Coniglio Editore and in the United States on Djustine: Tales of the Twisted West by Carnal Comics.
Enrico Teodorani is one of the main writer of the superhero serie 'Femforce', published since twenty years ago by AC Comics in the USA, and is often hosted as author on few american comics anthology like Attic Wit (Wasp Comics), Strange Bedfellows (Carnal Comics) e Big 'Uns (AC Comics).

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